Title of the course: Fraïssé Limits
Instructor: Prof. Ayşe Berkman
Institution: MSGSÜ
Dates: 31 July – 6 August 2017
Prerequisites: Mathematical maturity (for example, having studied at least 2 years in a math department is sufficient, and 3 years is perfect!)
Level: Advanced Undergraduate and Graduate
Abstract: In the first three days, the definition of the Fraïssé limit, existence and uniqueness theorems, and some properties will be discussed. I expect to devote the second half of the course to examples only; including the random graph, Hall’s universal group and the Urysohn separable metric space. Almost no background is needed for the first half, but since we will use examples from different areas of mathematics in the second half, this course is recommended for students who have experience with various mathematical structures.
Language: TR, EN