Title of the course: Matrix Algebra I, II
Instructor: Prof. Alexandre Borovik
Institution: University of Manchester
Dates: 17-30 July 2017
Prerequisites: Secondary school algebra
Level: Beginning Undergraduate  (suitable for high school leavers)
Abstract: A zero-prerequisite course in Matrix Algebra distilled from standard undergraduate courses in Linear Algebra.
Matrix Algebra is Linear Algebra  minus abstract bits, like abstract vector spaces and their linear transformations.  
On the other hand, the course will include juicy bits usually omitted from  university courses, say, the complex field leaving
inside of the algebra of real 2 by 2 matrices, or interpretation and explanation of cross product of vectors in 3D in matrix terms, etc.
The second part of the course can be taken independently from the first one; it will focus on eigenvalues and eigenvectors,
including some elements of Perron-Frobenius Theory.