Title of the course: Non-Clasical Logics
Instructor: Dr. Joshua Cowley
Institution: Dokuz eylül Ü.
Dates: 4-10 September 2017
Prerequisites: Ability to construct proofs in propositional and predicate logic.
(Equivalently, the ability to construct proofs in advanced undergraduate mathematics courses.)
Level: A minimum of advanced undergraduate.
Abstract: Classical logic (propositional and predicate logic) is great for expressing many mathematical
concepts, but there are other concepts that cannot be described in classical logic. This course will be a
survey of several non-classical logics and their uses. For example, temporal logic was developed to formalize
concepts like 'always', 'until', 'past' and 'future'. For each logic we will look at its formal properties, its uses
and how to construct proofs in that logic. Topics covered will include modal logic, temporal logic, many valued logics,
imperative logic and others depending on time and the interests of the participants.
Language: EN