Title of the course: Nonlinear dynamics and synchronization theory
Instructor: Assoc. Prof. Deniz Eroğlu
Institution: Imperial College London
Dates: 10-16 July 2017
Prerequisites: Single-variable calculus, curve sketching, Taylor series, separable differential equations, linear algebra
Level: Graduate, advanced undergraduate
Abstract: Theory of Dynamical systems is interested in the evolution of systems. It tries to understand the processes in motion and limitation (stability) of systems. Chaos in dynamics is one of the scientific revolutions of the twentieth century, that deepened our understanding of the nature of unpredictability. After discussing these fundamental theories, we will continue with synchronization theory which expresses a notion of strong correlations between coupled dynamical systems. In its most elementary and intuitive form, synchronization refers to the tendency to have the same dynamical behaviour. In this course, we will discuss the basic results for synchronization of chaotic systems. The interaction can make these systems adapt and display a complicated unpredictable dynamics while behaving in a synchronous manner. Synchronization in these systems can appear in hierarchy depending on the details of the individual elements and the network structure.
Language: EN, TR