Title of the course: Some results in combinatorial set theory
Dr. Burak Kaya
Institution: ODTÜ
Dates: 28 August – 3 September 2017
Solid background in set theory at an undergraduate level. Some knowledge of ordinals and cardinals (including arithmetic on ordinals and cardinals, transfinite recursion and transfinite induction) is strongly suggested, even though there will be a review of these topics.
Level: Graduate and advanced undergraduate
Abstract: In this course, we shall learn some basic results in combinatorial set theory regarding partition relations for cardinals. After a brief overview of ordinals and cardinals, we are planning to prove the infinite Ramsey theorem, Erdös-Rado theorem, Dushnik-Miller theorem and learn about weakly compact cardinals. If time permits, we may study the tree property and its failure at the first uncountable cardinal.
Language: TR, EN