Title of the course: Clifford algebras and Spin groups
Instructor: Dr. Edvard Musaev
Institution: Max-Planck-Institute for Gravitational Physics
Dates: 18-24 September 2017
Prerequisites: Some basic knowledge of linear algebra, general impression about the.
Level: Graduate, advanced undergraduate
18 Sep.: Clifford algebras, definitions, classification
19 Sep.: Spinors, Spin group, double covering, Lorentz group
20 Sep.: Dirac spinors and their invariants, spinor bilinears,
22 Sep.: Majorana, Weyl, pseudo-Majorana, SU(2)-Majorana spinors, theorems      of existence, classification
23 Sep.: Clifford algebras and supersymmetry. Algebra of supersymmetry in various dimensions, supermultiplets.
24 Sep.: Spinor bundle, spin-connection, Killing and parallel spinors
Language: EN