Title of the course: A course in Arithmetics
Instructor: Dr. Matteo Paganin
Institution: Sabancı Ü.
Dates: 24 July – 6 August 2017
For the first week: Linear algebra, basic number theory (congruences and prime numbers), basic algebra
(definitions of groups, polynomial rings, and fields).
For the second week: The above, plus basic complex analysis.
Level: Graduate, advanced undergraduate
Abstract: The course is supposed to last two weeks, but I will try to make them independent.
The first week will start with the Part I of the textbook (see below), with an introduction of very basic number theory,
including quadratic residues and quadratic forms (a selection of what time allows).
The second week will be an introduction to some analytic methods, culminating at least with the Dirichlet density theorem
(Chapter VI of the textbook).
Textbook or/and course webpage: “A Course in Arithmetic”, J.-P. Serre
Language: EN, TR