All presenters:

Please send your abstract as a LaTeX file or as plain text. If you do know how to work directly with a LaTeX file, then please use our template. Otherwise, please lay out your abstract in the following order:

  1. title of presentation (first letter and proper nouns only capitalized)
  2. presenter's name
  3. text of abstract
  4. references (if there are any)
  5. physical address (a university name is fine)
  6. email address
  7. web address, if possible

In LaTeX, please do not use your own specially defined control sequences; rather, replace them with the definitions. (All abstracts will be compiled together as one document.) Various problems that have arisen in the past with the use of LaTeX are described on another page.

After registering, send your abstract, as an attachment, preferably with the name yourlastname.tex to aslicankorkmaz@nesinvakfi.org.

The conference contains the following categories:
1. Number Theory
2. Group Theory
3. Rings & Modules
4. Algebraic Geometry
5. Combinatorics and others

Write the category of your talk in the subject line.

Contributed presentations

If you do want to contribute a talk or a poster, then please submit an abstract in the manner described above. Your abstract should be accessible to a general mathematical audience. Also the abstract is for your presentation, not for the paper that your presentation might happen to be based on. There is probably no need for the long list of bibliographic references that might accompany a paper in a journal.

Note that the template for abstracts accommodates only one presenter: collaborators should be credited in the body of the abstract. For posters with more than one author, use the multiple-author template.

There is some guidelines and suggestions for posters.

We may have to ask some people to present posters rather than scheduled talks. If you prefer to present a poster, let us know. Presenters of posters should be available for questions at certain times during the meeting.

These booklet pages were prepared by David Pierce.