Title of the course: Percolation on Lattices
Instructor: Pal Galicza M.Sc.
Institution: Renyi Institute, Budapest
Dates: 10-16 September 2018
Prerequisites: A course in probability theory and basic knowledge of calculus and graph theory is necessary.
Level: Advanced undergraduate, graduate
Abstract: Percolation is perhaps the simplest model of statistical physics exhibiting phase transition. The main focus of the course will be on plane lattices, but if there is interest we shall investigate different graphs and groups. We will prove that the critical probability on the square lattice is 1/2 and that at criticality there is no percolation. Finally, we shall sketch the proof of Smirnov's celebrated theorem on the conformal invariance of the limit of percolation probabilities.
Language: EN
Textbook: Bollobas -Riordan: Percolation, Grimmett: Percolation