Title of the course: Homological Algebra
Instructor: Asst. Prof. Ben Walter
Institution: ODTÜ Kıbrıs
Dates: 26 August – 1 September 2019
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of groups, rings, and modules
Level: Basic knowledge of groups, rings, and modules 
(We will follow Weibel’s homological algebra book.)
Week 1 will be chapters 1—3 (and possibly parts of 4.)
Chain Complexes: definitions, operations, long exact sequences, chain homotopies, mapping cones and cylinders.
Derived Functors: projective and injective resolutions, left and right derived functors, adjoints.
Tor and Ext: Basics, derived functors of inverse limit, universal coefficient theorems.
(Time permitting, we will include a bit of Koszul complexes from chapter 4.)
Language: EN
Textbook or/and course webpage: Weibel, C.  An Introduction to Homological Algebra