Title of the course: Introduction to Group and Lie Algebra Homology
Instructor: Asst. Prof. Ben Walter
Institution: ODTÜ Kıbrıs
Dates: 2-8 September 2019
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of groups, rings, and modules
Level: Basic knowledge of groups, rings, and modules
Abstract: (Ee will follow Weibel’s homological algebra book.)
Week 2 will be chapters 6—7 (with parts of 5 included as needed.)
Group Homology and Cohomology: Definitions and properties, Shapiro’s Lemma, bar resolution, universal central extensions.
Lie Algebra Homology and Cohomology:  Definitions, universal enveloping algebras, H^1 and H_1, H^2 and extensions, Chevalley-Eilenberg Complex, universal central extensions.
(Spectral Sequences:  To be included as needed.)
Language: EN
Textbook or/and course webpage: Weibel, C.  An Introduction to Homological Algebra