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Antalya Algebra Days XIX Registration

Application: After you send the application form you will receive a message acknowledging the receipt of your application. If no message is received after a week, please write to us, most likely there was a technical problem.

Registration: Applications are reviewed periodically and the results are sent by e-mail to the applicant. Registration and payment should be done after your application has been accepted.

For questions:

Note: Academicians and students at the research level will have priority over the others.

Deadlines: The deadline of application for participants is May 1, 2017. For those who would like to deliver a talk or post a poster the deadline is April 10, 2017.

Item Item Payment
Student Registration
40 TL
Other Registration
60 TL

Note 1: The registration fee may be changed depending on the results of grant applications.

Note 2: For those of you who are willing to stay in a hotel or a bed and breakfast in Selçuk or Sirince we can recommend you a few options. For any enquiries please contact Aslı Can Korkmaz at

Lodging and Registration Daily Payment
Item Item With Financial Support (1) Without Financial Support (2)
Single room at the Village
180 TL/day
150 TL/day
Double room at the Village (for couples)
240 TL/day
180 TL/day
Double room at the Village (with two beds)
120 TL/day
90 TL/day
Dormitories (3)
90 TL/day
70 TL/day
Use of the Math Village (4)
50 TL/day
50 TL/day

(1) If the participant has external funds for the expenses.

(2) If the participant has no external funds for the expenses.

(3) Dormitories at the Mathematics Village (from 8 to 12 people).

(4) For everyone who will not lodge in the Math Village but who will profit from the Math Village's facilities, including for those who will reside at the Theater School and Kayserkaya Cottages. Price includes three meals, tea, coffeee, water, internet and other uses of the Village’s facilities.